I would like to write this to help you decide which stroller would be best in fitting your needs! There are two different types of double stroller reviews. Most commonly used is the Side-by-Side model. This type of particular stroller offers equal features. Both passengers have equally sized seats, recline options, and stow pockets, and canopies to protect them. There is a problem with this model, though. These double strollers tend to be very wide and can lead to being very difficult in navigating. It can be tricky getting through hallways or even doorways. Also, they can create a wider folded package and can be hard to lift and store. As-side these problems, they did score higher overall then the In-Line types of strollers.


Now, I want to discuss the In-Line type of strollers. They may be a little easier to move around with, and easier to pack up. Although, there are many problems to come with these. Some do have the seats set equally but made it hard from a passenger in back to see. The main problem with these types is the two seats rarely offer same features. One seat would have adjustable leg rest, but not other.

Most of these models even offer snack trays or cup holders for either seat. In Conclusion, I discussed different types of double strollers. The Side-by-Side model offers same comfort options, storage options. Neither passenger has to give up his or her features to other. Although that's good the downside is they are hard to move around and store. The In-Line maybe a little easier to move around and pack up. This model is not as wide and makes it easier to fit in cars. Also, makes it easier to navigate around in foot traffic. They rarely ever offer same offers such as comfort options, or even snack and cup storage features. Hope this helped in making your next purchase!