For all mothers of two or more out there, we all know how much easier having the right double stroller can make our lives. Both for our children, ourselves, and family. Sometimes picking the right one can be tedious work with so many features to be considered. When choosing the appropriate double stroller for your kid, some things to keep in mind are mobility, durability, overall safety, and sun blockage.

While researching some popular double stroller reviews, I found that the number one among Mom's is the Joovy line of strollers. The Joovy Scooter X2 was the top pick. Some of its features include tons and tons of storage space, great for diaper bags and anything else you may need on your endeavors. Also, this product features a large sun canopy and side by side seating. There is certainly lots to love about this stroller, however as a Mom myself, the only problem I would have with this particular stroller is the fact that it is not what I would consider easily mobile.

Next in line was the Joovy Caboose Ultralight, which made the cut mostly for its super mobility and ease of transport. As a family who is constantly on the go. I appreciate anything that makes my life easier. The cons of this product that I found is that the product is not entirely safe. Safety is always a big concern. 

One of my favorite lines for baby and kids products has always been Graco. Known for durability, mobility, safety, and comfort. Graco's products are designed to last. You can always be sure when purchasing a Graco double stroller, you are choosing the most appropriate double stroller for your kid. You will be able to get a ton of use out of the stroller. I highly recommend Graco's very versatile, high-quality products.

All families are a little different, and with that, we all have our own tastes and needs. I chose the most appropriate double stroller for my kid based on safety and durability. When looking at your options, and picking the most appropriate double stroller for your kid, consider your children's needs and your own. Do your research, and you will be happy with your decision with many options right at your fingertips.